Mickael Romaniello

Mickael Romaniello CEO and Founder of Invent Better

From all time I’ve always been a creator, full of inspiration and ideas. Now, I decided to take my freedom and to make those ideas true. That’s why I created Invent Better.

Invent Better was born from a strong passion of IT, search of innovation and desire to make things easier for our customers.

At Invent Better we also create and make your dreams come true. Website, Mobile applications, or simply consultancy, tell us what you want and we will put all our energy to succeed in what you wish for.

If you are in a need to get some professional advice for your product, we will use all our expertise to make you succeed.

What I want is to help you to make your company more digital? Is your website old? Not adapted to the mobile devices? Do you wish to create an app for your customers?

We are here to solve your problem and dynamise your IT strategy!

Who am I ?

I’ve been working in the mobile apps industry in the past years as a mobile developer and IT Consultant. I have worked on several projects and also on a personal project like Travel Better that I am managing.

If you want to discuss with me about a project, don’t hesitate to reach to me via the contact form of our website.