Service: Create a Mobile App

Why to create a mobile app for your business? 

An image to represent the way we are working on your app at Invent Better

The question seems to be pertinent and it is probably why you are still hesitating before contacting us. The mobile industry has been growing more and more in the past years! So, why to wait 5-10 years before being in this market when you can do it now?

The worldwide traffic of mobile internet is growing fast. In 2013, there was only 16% of usage and in 2018 an enormous progression at 52% (source statistics). Year after year the mobile is winning against the desktop.

Image showing a screen with appsYou probably still ask yourself why? If this didn’t convinced you, I have something else for you. A mobile application is a perfect place to create a loyal customer and to find a new audience.

I have here a little example with some insights:

Did you know that only 20 percent of email is opened by a recipient and only 5 percent of people click on a link inside the email?

Let’s compare this to the notifications you received on your phone. There is 30 to 60 percents of users that open the notifications and 40 percent interact with an app just after receiving the notification. 

The notifications can be used to showcase your new products or new services.Image to describe a notification A notification will be read and your customer or future customer will know that you have something new available.

An app is an easy access to your business. Think that a customer will have your app inside of his phone. Meaning that he will be able to see and recognize your brand from his phone. This will bring more value to your brand. It will be also even easier for your loyal customer to share your product on the social networks.

In fact a mobile application can bring you more sales, create a highly engaged and loyal customer base.

Why are you waiting? Surf the wave and contact us!